Ian has been drawing since childhood but painting watercolours was something he only really started in 2009. After some years of doing the occassional painting he became frustrated with his pictures being too tight (it was hard to shake off the Technical Draughtsman inside!) - see 2009 picture above! And so started his journey to learn to paint in a "Lost and Found" manner. Around 2012, Ian came across the work of Robert E Wood and Rex Brandt. This really lit the fuse and provided even more desire to create "Lost and Found" in his pictures. Books by others Artists such as Tony Couch, Frank Webb and Tony Van Hasselt, have also provided valuable guidance. It is due to the help found in these books that Ian does not claim to be self-taught but says he is 'untutored'. It was about this time that Ian decided to write down notes on his 'discoveries'. The reason being not to forget the pitfalls we come across when learning to paint. These notes have provided a good foundation for conducting workshops to pass on what (and how) he has learnt so far, during this incredible journey, that is WATERCOLOUR.

In 2016 he started his regular watercolour workshops and doing watercolour painting demonstrations at Art Groups/Societies etc. His "Direct" style of painting is quite different to many other watercolourist, so it is often a different experience for his spectators. Ian likes to plan his paintings so includes information of this process (in his workshops and demos), showing examples of his value (tone) patterns and explaining how he uses Gestalt principles in the design.  

More examples of Ians art can be seen on :-
Instagram:- @iandbrown